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This morning, we’ve got Mama Bear Soap’s Polynesian Red:

Juicy pomegranates are the core of this fragrance. Hints of pineapple, red grapefruit, green apple, mango and subtle moss make this scent unforgettable.

I’d consider that to be an example of perfectly accurate advertising. The scent is nice and fruity. It smells like a delicious tropical cocktail. Pretty much the only thing that I could say bad about it is many guys considering it might think it to be far too “girly” of a scent. I wouldn’t wear a cologne scented like it (because it’d really be a perfume), but I see no problem with using it to shave in the morning. Strength wise, it came on just shy of what I’d consider “perfectly strong enough” during the shave and didn’t linger once I was done.

It lathered up nice and thick very easily. I was actually pleasantly surprised, based upon my previous experiences with some Glycerin-based soaps. It didn’t, however, yield too much volume. And the lather did break down on the sides of the scuttle during each pass, but that was rectified easily enough by a quick re-attack from the brush. It wasn’t quite as slick as I expected, but then again, I was expecting really really slick, so it definitely still did the job. Overall, it gave a good shave.

Overall, I give it a 7/10. I recommend it, and frankly, I’m really looking forward to the rest of the samplers I got from Mama Bear. I could definitely see this one being a regular in the rotation.

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