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Calypso is Al’s take on the classic Bay Rum scent. I’m definitely a fan overall of Bay Rum. I’m absolutely a fan of this Calypso. Here’s what Al had to say about it himself:

Calypso can be described as cool, refreshing, bracing. There is also a warm, friendly, honest feel to this fragrance and one that is extremely natural. On top of this, there is also, strangely, a shadowy, deep, mysterious, spicy quality. The scent itself may be relatively simple but its impression is complex.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that the scent of this shaving cream transforms when lathered. When in just the cream form, it has a subdued scent that comes across as a bit grassy, that smells (to steal a phrase from Douglas Adams) almost but not quite entirely unlike Bay Rum. But once you start lathering up, the aroma of the spices absolutely fills the room. The bay leaves, cloves, and cinnamon are quite evident, and if smells just great. And as you could guess from the description of the scent filling the room, there is no problems whatsoever with weakness of the aroma here. It remains strong once applied to the face, and doesn’t fade noticeably while shaving.

The shave itself was likewise quite nice. It’s a thirsty cream, so be sure to not be stingy on the water. Once lathered up, it’s thick and slick (don’t worry, it puts all that water to work rather than just thinning out), and left my face feeling wonderful after a BBS shave both days.

Definitely a 9/10. Seriously, go try it. Worth a sample for sure.

  • Cost: A 4 oz tub goes for 20 dollars, or you can try this scent in the $20 7 day sampler pack, with each 1/4 oz sample being good for 4 – 5 shaves at my usual wasteful usage. (I will say, although I usually don’t mention sale prices, since I want these posts to stand the test of time, I believe both those items have been on sale for at least a few months. It may be one of those semi-permanent sales you sometimes see.)

Gear used:

Ingredients: No ingredient listing was provided, nor was I able to find one on-line. Al did however have this to say: “The forumula of Al’s Shaving Cream is Triethanolamine and preservative (parabens) free and only contains sodium and potassium salts of fatty acids (stearic, oleic, linoleic, palmitic, myristic and lauric) in addition to water, glycerin and botanicals.”