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Our next offering is Queen Charlotte Soaps’ namesake scent. Since “Queen Charlotte” isn’t all that descriptive, we’ll start off with what they have to say about it:

A heavenly scent made from only the most rare absolutes and essential oils, Queen Charlotte starts with sweet top notes. As the scent grows, delicate floral notes come through. We have added just the right amount of earthy and woody notes to complete this exquisite scent.

This seems like a fairly accurate description. Sweet florals and woodsy undertones. It’s a very nice combination. And once again, one that I wish I could make out easier. It was a better than what I’ve seen from their Green Irish Tweed and the Key Lime, as at least I could make out a faint scent of the lather while shaving, but I do mean faint.

It’s definitely not a very thirsty soap; other than what was on the brush while loading, I found I only needed to add the tiniest bit of water to get the lather to a quite reasonable amount of glide, while staying quite thick. It made for a nice shave.

Overall, I give it a 6/10. Good shave, but again, there’s other soaps out there that give great shaves and deliver with the scent. I’ve got an order in for some of their creams, hopefully they pack a bit more punch.

Gear used:

Ingredients: Saponified tallow, water, saponified castor oil and shea butter, glycerin, saponified stearic acid, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, essential oil(s), saponified avocado oil, palm oil, and olive oil, aloe vera extract, kaolin clay, lanolin, vitamin E.