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2013-01-03 06.34.37

Oh, son of a gun.

Well, it happened again. I ordered some soaps, eventually got around to using them, took some pictures, and then sat down to start writing a review, only to find that the manufacturer has since discontinued that particular scent.

So, here it goes folks, a review for a cream you can’t get anymore. Sorry.

First off, the lather. This one I initially had a lot of trouble with. To begin with, this is a soft enough soap that I just treated it like a thick cream. But when I say thick, I mean thick. For my first shave with this, I did what I usually do with creams, and scooped about a peanut sized bit of cream into the scuttle, and then set it lathering it. And it was difficult. The cream clumped up and stuck to the bottom of the scuttle, and just wouldn’t lather up. Adding more water helped a bit, but I ended up overshooting the “sweet spot”, and ended up with something too watery. On the 2nd shave, I spread the cream at the bottom of the scuttle and let it soak in a little bit of hot water as I brushed my teeth, that seemed to soften it up enough that I didn’t have too many issues, and didn’t need to water it down at all.  However even then there ended up being a little bit stuck to the bottom of the scuttle un-lathered which I noticed as I was rinsing everything out.

In the end, however, it managed to give a perfectly good shave. Decently thick, with a good amount of slickness. The lather did however seem to break down a fair bit quicker than most do.

As for the scent, well, it’s called Vanillawood, but I’m not sure I really smell any wood. The vanilla’s definitely there. Reasonably pleasant, with a decent amount of strength too. It’s not overly strongly smelling, but it is definitely noticeable throughout the shave, without a significant amount of fading.

Overall, I’d say this is a 6/10. Decent scent, somewhat annoying lather. Not that it really matters because you can’t buy it anyways.

Gear used:

Ingredients: Coconut, castor, palm, olive & jojoba oils, stearic acid, vegetable glycerin, purified water, potassium hydroxide, potassium carbonate, titanium dioxide, citric acid, vitamin E, fragrance oil.