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Jabonman Coconut

I’d heard great things about Jabonman soaps, made by a fellow out of Spain. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite willing to spring too much for an untested product, what with the shipping from Spain to Canada to take into account. Fortunately, a nice redditor over at the Shave Bazaar was offering some samples, so I pounced upon that opportunity.

Overall, I’m rather pleased. I had a bit of trouble with the lather initially, it seemed to me to be a bit difficult to find the right balance for the amount of water to use. It’s a bit on the thirsty side, but also fairly easy to over-shoot. That having been said, I was eventually able to find a good balance, one that gave quite a nice amount of both lubrication and cushioning. It left the face feeling rather nice, which I suspect is up to the high lanolin content.

The scent is, well, nice and coco-nutty. Not excessively sweet, but with what seems to be a hint of vanilla rounding out the aroma. Thus far, I think it’s the nicest coconut scent I’ve tried. Strength-wise, it was certainly not over-powering, but it stayed throughout the shave without significant fading.

7/10, but to be honest, I think the lathering issues I had could probably be easily resolved with just a bit more experience with the soap, which would bump it up to a 8/10.

  • Cost: Apparently it’s about 6 Euro a puck, plus shipping and handling. Jabonman doesn’t have a website, but if you e-mail the manufacturer, Manual Garcia at magafe_es@yahoo.es, he can give you an accurate price list. But he does rely upon google translate, so you might want to avoid convoluted language.

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Ingredients: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an ingredient listing online.