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Sultans Original - Sandalwood

Edit: It looks like the entire line has now been discontinued.

The last shaving cream I tried from Sultans Original was their now-discontinued Vanillawood, and I found the performance of this cream to be far better than that one was.

This is a rather soft sticky cream in comparison to the Vanillawood, which was more on the thicker side of the croap spectrum. The problems I had with the cream clumping together and resisting being lathered up were non-existent with this jar, either scooping some into a bowl for lathering, or loading up your brush directly in the jar.

It lathered up easily, and had what I would consider to be a very wide sweet-spot. A little water, a lot of water, it seemed to make it work regardless, Generally speaking when this is the case, I try to err on the side of less water, for a thicker lather, but this cream maintained a good level of thickness even with a fair bit more water than what was needed for a suitable level of lubrication. Pretty good moisturization-wise, overall I’d say a very fine shave.

The sandalwood scent was nice and sandalwoody (or at least according my my recollection of other sandalwood scented products, never actually having smelled real sandalwood!). Not too strong; enough that during the shave if I stopped and paid attention to it, I’d notice it, but not enough to really smell it without trying. Not much in the way of fading at the very least.

  • 9/10 Scent Pleasantness
  • 7/10 Scent Strength
  • 8/10 Lather Quality

Overall, I’d say I’ll round this one up to a 8/10. I’d certainly recommend at least trying a sample pack of their new creams.

  • Cost: I should mention how I got this tub of shaving cream; it was randomly mailed to me. Considering I hadn’t ordered it, or anything from them other than the sampler pack I got previously, I was a bit surprised. I’m not sure if they figured out who the guy doing these reviews was based on their customer records, or if they just fixed their formula (I tested a few of the other samples from the previous batch, and they performed much in the way the Vanillawood had) and were randomly sending samples of the new one to some of their customers. Anyways, to get your own, a 2 oz jar is $5, a 4 oz jar for $10, or a quarter oz sample of each 7 of their scents for $10.

Gear used:

Ingredients: Not sure! They specify it’s a “Plant based shaving soap”, but don’t go into any more detail than that.