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Nanny's Silly Soap Co - Grapefruit and Lemongrass

Happy Boxing Day everyone! And welcome to anyone who’s here because of the Gizmodo article on weirdly specific review blogs. Since it’s a new year coming up, I think I’ll be spending the next little bit trying to knock off as many different vendors / artisans / manufacturers that I haven’t reviewed before. New year, new products!

So, to keep the trend going (since the last two reviews were brand new to me as well), I’ll be covering off a soap from Nanny’s Silly Soap Company, made by a lady named Sharon Baxter out of England, with some assistance by her grandson Luke.

They appear to be a typical soap company that branched out into shaving soaps, however unlike so many, actually bothered to do their research into what makes a good shaving soap.

The lather I found was pretty good. I did find it needed very little water for optimal performance, and was fairly easy to overshoot that amount, resulting in a thinner lather than I like. In fact, I found I did need to thin it out just a tad more than I liked to get the level of glide I like. I was still able to get what I’d say is a decent balance of the two, as long as the water usage was sparing. Just perhaps not what I’d say is ideal. It had some really good moisturization on the other hand, which I suppose should be expected with a healthy amount of shea and coccoa butter included.

The scent I found to also be quite pleasant; I found you probably got more of the lemongrass than the grapefruit out of it. It wasn’t a strong scent; when first applied to the face, you got a good whiff of it, but it died down a lot fairly shortly thereafter. That having been said, what did stick around really stuck around. I found myself noticing the occasional scent of it a good hour or two after the fact, as did the girlfriend.

  • 8/10 Scent Pleasantness
  • 7/10 Scent Strength
  • 8/10 Lather Quality

Overall, I think I’ll give this Nanny’s Silly Goat soap a 7/10. I found this one to be a bit tough to judge; in pretty much all the areas I base the scores upon, it was on the cusp of being rounded up. That having been said, while it’s a solid soap, I wasn’t blown away in any aspect, so I suppose an average score will do.

Gear used:

Ingredients: Aqua, potassium palmitate*, potassium stearate (vegetable), potassium cocoabutterate, potassium shea butterate, potassium cocoate, potassium castorate, glycerine (vegetable), stearic acid (vegetable), kaolin. Essential oil blend.  Limonene, citral, geraniol. *Organic and sustainably grown in Columbia.