About – Shave Soap and Cream Reviews

So, first off, I guess I’ll go over the rating system I’ll be using.

I’ll be giving one rating for overall shave quality. Thickness of lather, slickness, moisturizing properties (if any), irritation factor, ease of lathering, etc may all come into play here. One thing to keep in mind is that I do have rather soft water, so your mileage may vary.

The scent is also being broken up into two categories. How good it smells, and how strongly it smells. How good it smells is self-explanatory, and of course likely the most subjective component of the entire review. The scent strength is, in my humble opinion, just as important to the shaving experience as how well the soap smells. I have tried some soaps that smelled quite pleasant in the container, but when lathered, were undetectable on the brush. And on the other end of the spectrum, soaps whose scents wouldn’t vacate the bathroom over the weekend!

The scent strength and the pleasantness are, while listed separately to allow people to adjust things based upon their own scent strength preferences (since a lot of people would find a soap that I consider pleasantly strong to be completely overpowering), aspects of just an overall scent rating, which is roughly equivalent to the two multiplied together. After all a soap that smells awesome, but you can barely detect it really doesn’t help much, and a soap that smells very strongly of bile and garbage shouldn’t exactly merit a 5/10 overall for smell.

And finally, an overall impression and recommendation (or lack thereof). All soaps will be given at least two days worth of shaving, to ensure that the review isn’t tainted by me just having a bad day, or having to change the blade. The exception will be companies that produce very consistent soaps / creams, in which case it’ll only be the scent which is expected to change; they’ll get 1 day each.

The overall score will, generally speaking, be a function of average of the lather quality score and the overall scent score, as follows: [(Scent Strength * Scent Pleasantness) + Lather Quality] / 2, with a bit of fudge factor built in. For example, if I rounded up when assigning the lather quality, I might round down when assigning the overall score.

Any prices listed will generally be from wherever I actually purchased the stuff from (with the exception of something I bought in a retail store without an online component). If an item is on sale, I’ll list the non sale price. I’m not affiliated in any way with Italian Barber, Men Essentials, Maggard Razors, or any shave supply company whatsoever. And of course, if I was given a free product for the purposes of reviewing it, I will disclose this.

77 thoughts on “About – Shave Soap and Cream Reviews”

  1. Hi Greg
    We are a Ontario, Canada based manufacture and have just recently launched a new line of Men’s Shaving products, Elvado. Would like to know if we can send you a few samples of our Shaving Soaps for review.
    Please check out our website for information.
    John Carinci
    Elvado for Men

  2. Hello Greg

    I am very interested in having you review The American BayRum. Can you please provide me with a address to send a sample and bio. I really like your site and I love getting the new reviews in my email. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    Mike Holtgrefe
    The American BayRum Co.

  3. Hi I have a shave soap, Super Smooth that you have not yet tried. Its just been launched in the UK. Send me your address and I will get a sample of it into the post. http://w-soap.co.uk

    Best wishes

  4. Hey there, I noticed there are no reviews listed for anything by Stirling shave co. Any plans to try them out?

  5. Hi Greg,

    We have been working on a great shaving soap for some time now and I believe this soap will become your new favorite. I would love to send you a puck to review.

    The Great Soap Company

  6. Hi,
    I’m considering in buying a new shaving cream. I’ve looked at all your Reviews and die Not See a certain product that has quite a few positive reviews. I’m talking about The Bluebeards Revenge shaving crem. Can you test it? Thanks and keep up the good work!, Alex

    • Heya Alex; sorry I missed your question when you first asked it. Unfortunately I’ve got quite a backlog of products to review and can’t really justify getting any more via any method other than trading for a while. Including Bluebeards. But for what it’s worth, their whole beard thinning thing sounds like a gimmick.

  7. Hi Greg,
    I’d like to send some shave soap for your review. If interested, please let me know where to send.
    Althea Mathews
    Garden Variety Soap Company

  8. Hi Greg,

    I have some natural & organic shave cream I’d love for you to review. If interested, please let me know where to send by dropping me a note in our contact form.

    Josh Meyer, Founder
    Brickell Men’s Products

  9. Hi,
    Have you tried the D.R. Harris shaving soaps?

    I have sensitive skin but ever since I started using double edge safety blade, the irritation has diminished alot. I currently use a pre- shave oil, shaving cream and after shave lotion from the art of shaving (unscented). I have heard good things about D.R. Harris almond shaving soap. My question to you is have you tried that brand and whats your input?

    Thank you,

  10. Hello Greg
    Maybe you’d find time to test shaving soap “Arturro Barbiere”?
    If so, please contact me … (I did not find a contact form)

  11. I think you mean:

    (Scent Strength * Scent Pleasantness)/2 + [Lather Quality]

    > average of the lather quality score and
    > the overall scent score, as follows:
    > [(Scent Strength * Scent Pleasantness) + Lather Quality] / 2

    • …and + not *…

      (Strength + Pleasantness)/2 + Lather

      …which is the average a scent score plus lather quality.

      • Nope; I mean the average of the lather score and the scent score, where the scent score is the product of the strength and the pleasantness.

        I multiply the two scent ratings together. After all, a soap that smells really really bad (1/10) but is really really strong (10/10) does not deserve a scent rating of 6/10, it deserves a 1/10.

        That overall scent rating is then averaged with the lather quality rating.

  12. Hi, my husband loves Molinard’s Rasoline from France. I searched your site and didn’t find any information on it. I was wondering if you have ever tried it and if you know of another brand similar to it because Rasoline is sometimes difficult to find.

  13. Greetings,

    Let me know your address and I’ll send you a refill.

  14. Hello Greg,

    My name is Anthony and I own DeLuxe Shaving Company. Please feel free to browse my website to see if there are any shaving creams that you think would make for an interesting review. I can provide samples but for a proper review, I suggest a full jar.

    Feel free to email me at any time with your contact info and I can arrange to have it shipped out to you.

    Keep up the great work!

    Kind Regards,

  15. Hello Greg,

    I would like to send you one of my shave soaps for review: where should I send it? I have 3 different scents: let me know which one you’d like to try.

    bay rum, orange and clove
    cedarwood, cassia and clove
    peppermint, orange and pine

    You can see my soaps at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com//dp/B00FKE2P36/

    Thank you.

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